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THE PAWS  ZONE has one major goal: to provide the greatest quality pet care. It is our philosophy that it is our job to ensure that every dog entering our facility and participating in our services is happy, safe, and feels secure. We know that while our pet owners are busy with work and other commitments we will be providing the social interaction necessary to reduce the anxiety associated with being separated from you. 

The end result will be better relationships with your pet, less nuisance behaviors at home and ultimately less stress for you and your pet.


SAFETY of our guests comes first. To participate in Groom and Play or Daycare we can not accept aggressive dogs, or dogs that are unable to interact safely with other dogs.

In order to ensure the safety of all our guests, all dogs participating in group play will undergo a "Temperament Test" prior to being allowed to participate. This gives us the opportunity to understand the temperament and social skills of your pet, and to be sure that the dog will ENJOY participating in the services offered by THE PAWS ZONE.


The first day is an evaluation day. It takes approximately 2-4 hrs and will be provided at no extra cost. If your dog is unable during temperament testing to interact safely with the other dogs we will call you and provide a comfortable suite complete with a cot and human company until your arrival.


All dogs must be free of parasites (fleas and ticks). All dogs will be inspected for parasites. If parasites are found they will immediately be given a flea and tick bath and you will be charged. All dogs must have current vaccination records to include DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. You will be asked to provide a copy before participation is allowed. Dogs wishing to participate in group play must be spayed or neutered. 



Our Mission

THE PAWS ZONE cares about our community and the pets that inhabit it. We will strive to be the premiere pet service facility in Livingston County.
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