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About us


DAYCARE  Many nuisance dog behaviors are a direct result of boredom,  anxiety and loneliness. Dogs crave the companionship of other dogs and people. We will offer plenty of human and canine interaction for our furry clients who need a home away from home while their owners are juggling hectic schedules.



RETAIL  We offer high quality pet food, home grooming equipment, treats, canine apparell and toys.


"GROOMING PAWSITIVE "  Services will be provided in an atmosphere with continuous observation. Drying will be done hands-on, NOT with cage dryers. For those clients that will be groomed and picked up there will be suites complete with a raised cot and human company while they await the arrival of their owner.



GROOM AND PLAY  A service offered for our clients that enjoy playing with other dogs. There will be a large play area for them to enjoy. Just drop them off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. We will ensure lots of human and canine contact throughout the whole day. Grooming will be done in stages, reducing stress and leaving you with a happy, calm and great smelling pet at the end of the day.


THE PAWS ZONE recognizes that most families value their pets as a member of the family. We offer a variety of services to keep your furry child happy and healthy. We provide real solutions to real problems. We are committed to provide these services in a loving, playful and stress free environment. 

“ I have tried several grooming salons and this is the first haircut that I have been happy with. Mandy took the time to listen to my wishes and Coco looks great."  ​

Pat Bridge, CoCo's owner


“My dog Odie loves to play with his best friend Aji."  ​

Drake Clemons, Odie's owner


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