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Our Groomer is a  Certified Professional Groomer

from Animal Behavior College


Grooming is necessary, but your pet may not feel that way. At THE PAWS ZONE we recognize the stress caused by the grooming process. We do all our "GROOMING PAWSITIVE" which focuses on the reduction of stress for the pet while making them look and smell great. If your pet struggles with anxiety over grooming, schedule them for Groom and Play. This service allows you to drop your pet off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. We will groom in stages allowing them plenty of canine and human interaction that is not rushed. We'll focus on making grooming a "PAWSITIVE" experience. For our customers that do not enjoy the company of other dogs  we have suites complete with a raised cot and human company while they wait.



Many very good dogs will be aggressive or overcome with anxiety and fear when it comes to the grooming process. Our grooming services are provided with attention toward safety and reducing stress while making them look and smell great. We like to call this "GROOMING PAWSITIVE" If we see that your pet is struggling we will change our approach, slow down the processs and use distraction, touch, and a calming voice to create an environment that reduces stress. Your dog may need breaks or may be a candidate for GROOM AND PLAY.


GROOM AND PLAY allows THE PAWS ZONE to work through the grooming process at a pace that matches your dogs temperament while getting much needed socialization with other dogs and humans. They will have fun doing dog stuff while your busy doing human stuff. Grooming becomes a "PAWSITIVE" experience and they will be clean, happy and relaxed when you pick them up.

The wagging tails, smiles and relaxed, calm disposition at pick up will provide you with the peace of mind that your pet is receiving the highest level of care and attention while they are at our facility
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