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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog has never boarded before, should I be nervous?

As a result of our special hands-on care, comfortable accommodations, dedicated staff, and the quality of our facility, dogs that stay with us typically adapt very well and enjoy a wonderful, fun experience. 

I have multiple dogs. Can they board together?
Absolutely! Accommodations are available for dogs from the same family to room together. We offer a discount of $5.00 off/night for the 2nd dog at ($23/night) and ($18/night) for any additional dogs sharing the same room. We will feed each dog separately to eliminate the possibility of disagreement during meals.

Can my puppy stay at The Paws Zone?
We welcome puppies who have completed the full series of vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine, no less than 72 hours (three days) prior to their scheduled stay. We will watch over your "little one" with extra TLC, special attention and nurturing activities designed to help ensure he or she grows into a confident adult dog.


What should I do to prepare for my dog’s check-in?
Please make arrangements to ensure that we have current vaccination records prior to arrival. You may contact your veterinarian and request that they email or fax your dog’s records to us. For faster check-in, email or fax applicable daycare/boarding application to us prior to arrival. You may also provide the forms to us when you check-in. They can be printed from our forms page. Special diets, medications, or other requests should be communicated to us at check‑in and a scheduled check-out time should also be discussed. In addition, any grooming needs to be scheduled when you make your reservation. Most importantly, do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the check-in process or our facility! 

When can I drop off and pick up my dog? 
Our arrival and departure process is designed for your convenience. Guests may arrive or depart any time during our business hours. Check-in or check-out outside of these hours is generally not available in order to maintain feeding and sanitation routines for our guests. For your convenience we have added a Saturday and Sunday evening pick up time of 4 PM-5 PM. Note that evening pick up is a convenience and you will be charged for that evening. If a different pick up time is agreed upon and permitted, a $25 charge may be incurred. For check-in, guests should arrive at least one hour prior to closing so that they have time to adjust to their surroundings. Similar to hotels for pet parents, check-in and check-out time is 12 noon. Pet parents must pick up their pets by 12 noon on the day of check-out to avoid being charged for another day. NOTE** There is no additional charge, for pets that are scheduled for grooming services after noon on the day of check-out.


How do I make reservations?
For reservations at The Paws Zone, please contact us by telephone or use our boarding request button on our website and on Facebook. We will be happy to discuss all of the accommodations, and services we offer! Rooms are not considered reserved until you have received written, telephone, or email confirmation from The Paws Zone. Reservations for new clients will be made only after we have received copies of current vaccination records. Holiday and peak period reservations should be made well in advance.

What is your cancellation policy for reservations?
We ask that you give us at least 72 hrs (3 days) notice for cancellations so that we may accommodate other guests. If you cancel or no show later than 72 hrs you will be charged a minimum of one nights stay and be required to pay an advance deposit for any future services provided by The Paws Zone. Alternate cancellation policies may be communicated and applicable in certain circumstances.

Can I come in for a tour?
We do not routinely allow tours as it disrupts the routines of our daycare dogs and our guests. Many dogs become over excited when unknown people enter the play and lodging areas. We will offer occasional tours to the community. Feel free to ask for a scheduled tour. 

Should I bring my dogs food?
We encourage you to bring your dogs own food as changes in diet can often lead to stomach upset. Please package each serving in a disposable container or zip lock bag labeled with your pets name. If The Paws Zone provides meals it will be Pro Plan Lamb and Rice and there will be a $2 charge per meal.

Can I bring my dog’s crate from home for use while he or she is staying with you?
We do everything in our power to make sure our guests are as content and comfortable as possible. All of our guest rooms include raised beds with pads and blankets. Bedding is laundered daily. If you are crate-training your puppy, you may bring your crate to put in your little one’s room so that crate training may continue during his or her stay with us. PLASTIC AND METAL CRATES ONLY. NO BEDDING WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Can I bring my dog’s favorite toys and bedding from home for use while he or she is an overnight guest?
We understand that dogs may enjoy the comfort of familiar items during their time away from home. NO BEDDING WILL BE ACCEPTED. You may bring a favorite toy or special treats for them. We ask for your cooperation in limiting the amount of belongings you send with your dog to two favorite items which are labeled with your dog’s name and can be laundered and/or sanitized daily. Please be aware these articles may be lost or damaged due to our daily sanitation procedures.

What happens when a dog in your care needs veterinary care?
If your dog should require medical attention while in our care, our customary procedure is to contact you or your emergency contact to discuss the best course of action. Should the nature of your dog's illness require an office visit, we reserve the right to utilize a veterinarian of our choice. Any costs arising from medical care that we pay on your dog’s behalf will be billed to you at check-out.

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